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So how much do you know about the first Thanksgiving and all the folks who were part of it? How much do you know about the original history and traditions of the holiday? How about the symbolism behind many of the common items associated with Thanksgiving? Oh, you think you know a lot do you? Well, would you be willing to put that knowledge to the test? No, not on any friendly wager but in the excellent Thanksgiving printable game called This and That Thanksgiving history game. Yes, you can really see if you knowledge on the subject is up to par or if any of your friends or family can match (or exceed) your knowledge. Yup, you can turn this Thanksgiving into a fun test of wits and the This and That Thanksgiving History game is the way to do it.

Some may find it odd to play a Thanksgiving themed game and if you ask them why they might not even have a response. Part of the reason they act this way is that sometimes the celebration of Thanksgiving is somewhat downplayed. Part of the reason for Thanksgiving being a holiday that most people are not familiar with is that it is a brief holiday that is sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas. With Christmas shopping sometimes being pushed before Thanksgiving, the turkey day holiday can be somewhat marginalized. This has a tendency to cut into the learning about the holiday. Well, if you want to sharpen up your skills then this game is definitely one you will enjoy.

Of course, you may have to brush up on your Thanksgiving trivia, but that is what makes the game so much fun. It allows you to learn a little more about a holiday you may not have known that much about!

Instantly download, print and play This and That Thanksgiving History Game now! Or have fun playing other Thanksgiving Trivia games at