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Additionally, including an RSVP will help with the planning stage so this is always highly recommended. However, another important piece of information to include would be that of the theme. This way, guests will show up with the right type of baby shower gift or wearing the right attire. If the couple is registered at various stores for baby gifts, a note to this affect can be added to the bottom of the invitation or as mentioned, mentioned after the RSVP is received.


The best time to send baby shower invitations out is between three and four weeks prior to the date. This way, the guests, especially those out of town will have plenty of time to make the appropriate arrangements. Remember, if people are coming from other locations, more time would be needed.


Baby invitations today are so adorable. They come in hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. Regardless of the theme of the shower, you can be sure you will have wonderful choices! We have provided you with a few of our favorite options, along with some websites where you can find great designs at affordable prices.

* Winnie Pooh

* Antique Toys

* Baseball Baby

* 3-D Bottle

* 3-D Diaper

* 3-D Bib

* 3-D Ducky

If you have a printer, you can also choose from a huge selection of printable baby shower invitations. Although a laser printer would be best, many of these can also be printed from an ink jet printer.

Typically, printable invitations are less expensive and allow you to create your own message with ease. For these reasons, many people prefer printable invitations instead of pre-designed invitations. The following are a few options to consider.

Cathy is the Author of Baby Shower Moments A to Z. Please take the time to visit my web site for free printable baby shower invitations and much more...

To download a sample of printable Invitations visit our site Printable Invitations