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3d Match 3 Block Breaking Puzzle Game For Pc

Techniques for breaking writer’s block

Every writer, young or old, amateur or professional, will experience that dreaded of all possibilities—writer’s block— that time when ideas are absent, words will not come, and the writer’s confidence is shaken.

What can the writer do? Here are a few suggestions that might be fitted to each writer’s situation.

1. Writer fast and free—write anything. Even this will not work some time.

2. Write in a journal. Many writers use this to assure that they will have something to say.

3. Talk into a tape recorder and play it back; then write it down.

4. Review old material, a discarded article, or any other manuscript. You might be surprised at what you find and enthusiasm will return.

5. Switch to an entirely different genre. If you are a short story writer, try an essay or an article.

6. Do something physical. Take a walk, play a game, do push-ups. Get you mind off writing.

7. Read a new article, a new story, or a new book.

8. Catch up on your bookkeeping.

9. Talk to a writer friend.

10. Work on your website, or build one.

11. Write your great ideas down.

12. Be careful where you stop—stop your daily writing before whatever you are writing is finished.

Not all these techniques will work for you, but one might although you must remember that writing involves hard work and dedication, seldom inspiration.

Keep writing!

Charles O. Goulet has a BA in history and BEd in English literature. He has several novels published.

His website is:
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