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500 Puzzle Games

When you buy an MP3 player, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is not whether or not you have the ability play any decent gains on your iPod. At most, you may try to pass the time by playing a game of solitaire or one of the other basic iPod games. However, since the iPod is basically the most popular MP3 player around, some companies have recently created or converted games over to the iPod.

Go to the Apple Computer online store at apple .com, you can locate many fun games for only $4.99 for each game. The choices include some very popular free games iPod such as Popcap Games well-known time-suck, or the infamous, depending on your point of view, Bejeweled.

In the past this particular game was limited to your PDA or computer, however this addictive puzzle/strategy game has to do with aligning gems that are similar in color into chains of three or more to produce a chain reaction that destroys them totally.

You get more points when the chain gets bigger. As each chain explodes the gems that are towards the top fall and can activate additional chain reactions to give you much larger bonuses if you are clever enough as you plan your moves ahead.

You can give the latest version of Bejeweled 2 on your computer a try by purchasing a copy, or for free by playing at worldwinner .com to check out how it functions if you have never played the game before. Depending on the version, you could have unique power-ups available.Numerous Games to Choose from

A different kind of Popcap puzzle/strategy games for the iPod is called Zuma. Zuma has a kind of Mayan look to it. It is kind of like Bejeweled, only instead of gems you use marbles. The setting for the game takes place on a board that has a giant mazelike track on it that has a line of various colored marbles that rolls along into different parts of the maze.

In this particular game you will lose if the line of marbles reaches the exit poll. To continue on, new must destroy all the marbles by firing different colored marbles from the mouth of your frog shooter into a line that forms a row of at least three marbles of similar color. There are also several different kinds of power ups that can assist you.

This particular game is also made available as a demo on worldwinner .com. Various other iPod games that are available to the consumer include mini golf, poker, and the ever lasting favorite of puzzle gamers: Tetris. It is not likely that you will ever get to play the game Splinter Cell on your iPod, however you don't have to just get stuck with Solitaire anymore as your only gaming option if you have an iPod. At only $4.99, it's a fair deal.

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