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9 Block Sudoku Puzzles

Do you have the jitters about flying across the country? Perhaps this is the first time that you have ever flown, or maybe you have made some short flights here and there but have never had to sit on an airplane for hours upon hours waiting for it to reach it's destination. If that describes you then here are some tips to help make the flight as pleasant as possible.

1. Fill Your Mind - Sure there are magazines and catalogs available in the seat pocket in front of you but that is certainly not enough to keep you interested on a 5 hour flight. Visit the local library and get a book or two that is on a subject that interests you to read while you are in flight. Another thing that you can do if you are on an airline such as Jet Blue is to enjoy a movie in flight because they have the small television screens for each seat, that will help the time pass more quickly.

2. Plan on Napping - If you really don't enjoy long flights and are uncomfortable almost the whole time then you should try to sleep as much as possible. I know some people that will take something to make them drowsy about an hour before a long flight so that they will be able to sleep while they are in the air. If falling asleep isn't a problem for you then you could take a small pillow with you that will be more comfortable than the pillows that they give out on the flight. Don't forget to grab one of the blankets when you get on board before they are all gone, it tends to get chilly on a long flight, especially if you are sleeping

3. Do some puzzles - I know that my wife always carries a sudoku or a crossword puzzle book with her when she goes on a long flight. She loves the distraction that the puzzles provide and it helps to make it easier for her to endure a long flight.

These are just some of the many things that can help you to get through a long flight. You can try some other things to help make yourself comfortable such as trying to get a bulkhead seat so you have more legroom. There is no way to help you to be 100% comfortable on a long flight but by doing a few small thing you will help to make it as comfortable as possible.

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