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Aarp Puzzles

For those who turn 50 years old they will receive a little notice in the mail from the AARP, telling them they are now qualified to join? Many are taken aback and cannot understand how the AARP found them in the first place or how they knew it was their birthday. Wow, the AARP has some incredible records on people in the US, don't they? Well if they can find folks so easily, then should we enlist the AARP to help us find Osama bin Laden? I mean he must be a member to get all those benefits.

The AARP is probably protecting him from the US Government, otherwise certainly he would have been caught by now? Why not pay the AARP money and contract them to hunt down Osama bin Laden, chances are they will put the money to good use anyway helping senior citizens and besides, they probably can find him with a simple search of their computer data bases?

Sure, just look it up, find the guy and send him a notice that the US Government is coming to pick him up in his cave? Why not, then AARP seems to be able to find anyone over 50 and the rest of the entire world cannot find this one gentleman? How much should we pay the AARP, after all they do not work cheap?

Well, consider that the current reward is something like 50 million dollars? Double it and send them a check and they should have the answer within the hour? See, we can solve any problem if we will just consider all the resources we have available in this great nation.

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