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Answers To Sudoku Puzzles

What are Mind Teasers?

Mind teasers are mental puzzles. They are usually designed to make you think laterally. As a result, many answers to mind teasers are logical, but are usually not the first thing that pops into your head.

Mind teasers fall into many categories. Not all have answers, as not all can be answered. A good example of this is optical illusions – they cannot have an answer.

Why do mind teasers?

Mind teasers keep your mind active. An older person may find enjoyment in solving mind teasers, as it keeps their minds active. A side benefit of keeping your mind active is the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

How do I find answers to mind teasers?

The answer to some mind teasers can be debated, and some mind teasers have multiple ‘correct’ answers. There is no one way to find answers to mind teasers. Some requires a logic-grid, some require lateral thinking, while others force you to think within constraints.

How do I tell if a mind teaser requires an answer that involves probability?

When the mind teaser is given to you, it will ask ‘how likely’, ‘what are the odds’, ‘what is the probability’, etc. These types of questions will tell you that probability is involved.

How do I answer mind teasers that involve probability?

That’s simple. You probably have worked with probability a little bit in high school. This is all you will need when solving mind teasers that require probability. You also need logic in order to solve the mind teaser – some are not as straightforward as it looks.

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