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Apple Iie Castle Puzzle Game

The classic computer game Castle Wolfenstein has became one among the most popular first person shooter games of all times. I used to play Castle Wolfenstein as a 2D shooter game, before Castle Wolfenstein 3D came out. There is an unmistakable influence of Wolfenstein Castle 3D on almost all other games of the genre.

I was delighted at the news of the arrival of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, a sequel to the much cherished shooter game. I was convinced that Return to Castle Wolfenstein would offer me much thrill and fun and capable of taking me back to the shooting paradise. I felt it like a visit to Nazi shooting ground.

Wolfenstein games put Nazis as bad guys deserving to be shot at. Their demo suggested they have not moved away from the track I was pretty much used to. It is going to be pretty good shooting festival.

What waited for me with the full of Return to Castle Wolfenstein disappointed me. I hate the bizarre bugs associated with newer games. What to do with the patches? I donít like to go through the routine of cleaning up the files and my system as a whole. The end is also too plain, with little to no special feeling attached. Return to Castle Wolfenstein does keep up to mark of todayís shooter games. But I always expect them to come up with benchmarks that others are follow.

Though I disapprove Return to Castle Wolfenstein sticking to the norm, I personally would recommend it to my friends who like to experience the fun and thrill of shooter games. Or it may be my special love to shoot Nazis? Or am I so much biased, against them?

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