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Apple Iie Castle Strategy Puzzle Game

Imagine this, you are sent back to medieval times where all lived in castles and feared inevitable attack from neighbouring power hungry countries. A mission is bestowed upon you, You must protect your castle at all costs. Many men will try to penetrate your castle walls and if they do your people will fall.

Ok basically itís a game where you being the mouse, and god I suppose, have to stop all the stick men that run at the castle and kill them by chucking them high into the air and watching them as they plummet to an ear bending thud on the ground.

As the levels progress you earn more money and can purchase more defences which you need as the attacks become faster and more intense and their attack artillery grows faster than you defences.

The best I have done on this game is about the 4th level, I know thatís bad but itís hard, very addictive though, I very much like this game hence why I have placed it on my website.

This online game is very similar to another game I have played and can't think what is called but is also very fun something about castles and trying to attack them. Basically if you make a game with a castle in it and a lot of stick men dying it will be a successful gameÖ Saying that any game with a lot of stick people dying in my opinion will be a very successful game but I am easily amused. Anyway I digress Ö the online game I am reviewing here is ďdefend your castleĒ and yea itís a really fun online game. I have spent many an hour playing it. If you wish to play this game the link to it is below.

This Online Game Has Been Reviewed By Max Pow

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