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Art Puzzle Games

Being specific has often been difficult for me. I like to dream big and incorporate everything all at once. That is why going from a hobby to a career with Rothline Entertainment ( was more difficult than it needed to be. Rothline Entertainment debuted in August 2003 specifically focused on marketing computer and video games and PC software.

However, it took me a while to focus on the specifics. Fortunately, I had the help and advice of my parents, siblings, and spouse. I wanted Rothline Entertainment to start out big; offering video games, movies on DVD, card and board games, and anything remotely related to entertainment. My ideas were overwhelming and deciding where to start was difficult.

Like any new business with a limited budget I needed to start small, be specific, and be focused. I had to start brainstorming and writing down ideas. I had to focus on what I can do now not what I want to do later. Before I wrote everything down and began to be more specific, I felt stressed and nervous about starting the Rothline e-commerce site. Once I was able to get the specifics written down I began to feel more relaxed.

I know it has been said many times before but it does not hurt to say it again; “the art of being specific encourages focus.” This means that once you can specifically write down you goals in manageable steps you can then be focused on following through on those goals.

I start out each day writing down specifically what I need to do that day. As long as keep doing that it makes my days less stressful and I accomplish more. It has been difficult to start and keep that habit going but the benefits have been very rewarding. I can tell when I have not been following my written goals for the day because I feel stressed and lost. I remind myself to go back to my list and start focusing on accomplishing the goals I have listed.

Being specific helps one to look at the small pieces of the puzzle. Puzzles as you know can be overwhelming when you 1000 pieces scattered about on a table. But by taking a look at one piece and then a second piece, one can then being to specifically identify where each puzzle piece goes.

Being specific is a discipline that most people can learn and use. To start and run a business take a specific look at you advertising plan, marketing plan, budget plan, etc. You don’t have to take a look at all of these elements at once and if you do you will be overwhelmed. When you are overwhelmed you are stressed.

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Lawrence Roth, Web Manager
Rothline Entertainment