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Battle Strategies For Solving Your Sudoku Puzzle Foe

Sudoku puzzles are very challenging that you should only follow one rule. But before any of that, these puzzles are made up of 9x9 square grids further divided into 3x3 subgrids. Numbers from 1-9 are printed on some of the cells while others remain blank. Its main objective is to fill in the blank squares with numerals 1-9 in such a way that columns, rows and even the subgrids contain all the numerals 1-9. It may sound easy but don't let the simple objective fool you.

The puzzle can be a challenge to solve and it does not need a mathematician. The numbers are just for convenience and their arrangement on the grid is more important. That makes them more engaging yet at the same time so challenging to finish.

Several strategies can be used to solve a Sudoku puzzle and it can be summarized into 3 processes. First, scanning is performed in the initial stages of solving the puzzle. It involves 2 basic techniques. Cross-hatching is one which is done by scanning of rows or columns in order to identify in what particular region a certain arrangement of numeral should and this process is repeated with the other rows and columns. The second technique is trying to count 1-9 in regions, rows and columns in order to identify the missing numbers.

Marking is the next strategy in solving Sudoku puzzle. Marking possible numbers on each cel is by writing them as subscripts or dots. There is one drawback in this technique and that is the puzzles printed on newspapers and magazines are too small to accommodate a few digits in normal handwriting. You might need larger puzzles copy in order to effectively use this technique and there are puzzles readily available for them...CONTINUE

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BattleStrategies For Solving Your Sudoku Puzzle Foe