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Blank Crossword Puzzle

If you're planning a bridal shower for your sister, cousin, or best friend, know that the first impression of your guests will largely be based on the invitation cards you'll send. Thus, if you want to start things perfectly, here are several great ideas for inviting your guests.

1. Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas at Short Notice

If you're in a hurry, you can send bridal shower invitation cards online. Get ideas from the selections provided by various websites before creating your own design. You can also send bridal shower invitation cards by SMS. Get ideas from bridal magazines as well.

2. Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas that Challenge the Brain

Why make things easy if you don't have to? Here are several bridal shower invitation ideas for you to consider if you wish to make things a bit harder for your guests. You can provide the details by means of a crossword puzzle or a word hunt box.

3. Three Dimensional Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Instead of sending your invitation enclosed in the usual envelope, you can fold the invitation and place it inside a jewelry box. You can also get other good bridal shower invitation ideas of this type from origami books.

4. A Blank Slate

Surround the event with an aura of mystery by sending bridal shower invitation cards with blank surfaces. Get similar ideas from mystery fiction, but the main thing to remember is to surprise them with your bridal shower invitation.

5. Design by Text

You can keep things simple on the surface then wow them with impressive text inside your bridal shower invitation cards. Words are always important so make sure that you write your invitation beautifully. Get some ideas from friends with exceptional writing skills. The type of font used matters as well. Although a scripted font is the norm, it's not a rule that's written in blood. Choose the colors wisely.

6. Materials

There are various types of writing materials you can use to make your bridal shower invitation cards. Papers differ in texture, design, thickness, and style. Get ideas by visiting bookstores. You can embellish the front cover by using extra decor like glitter or sequins. The sky's the limit on how you design your front cover!

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