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Blank Sudoku Puzzles

Children are sent by their parents to school to learn things. Different approaches of doing this are there and experts believe this can also be fostered through puzzles and games. Most common are parchisi, backgammon, checkers and chess.

These games require a lot of mathematics but there is another one that works on logical reasoning. It is easy to learn and will take time to master this game. This game is Sudoku which is taking the market by storm. It is a game that originated in Japan who first came out in the mid-90's and now played in homes and school.

It can be played by people of all ages since the rules never change. It is played over 9x9 grids with smaller 3x3 grids in the middle. Its objective is to put in numbers from 1-9 only once in each space.

Children who have never played this game before should use a 2x2 grid as designers recommend. Shapes of different colors should be used instead of numbers. It will allow players to finish quickly.

You can play this game in many places and most common is the computer. Many websites have programs that test the skill of the person. It can be played online or downloaded into the computer. But not all of these sites are free so you should check it first before proceeding any further.

The newspaper is another place for children to practice. Some have this game two or three times a week. It can be cut off by the kid then work on it or it can be done on a scratch paper in order to play again.

A whiteboard or a corkboard lined up with grids can be used by the parents to make this game so that their child can practice at home aside from doing this with friends from school. You can be creative through using toys as markers instead of shapes. This will be a good way for parents to spend quality time with their kids. It will surely be a change from regular board games like monopoly or staying at home watching a video in the living room...CONTINUE

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Written By Jed Baguio
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WhySudoku Is Perfect For Your Growing Kids