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Each time you open your electronic mail account, does it seem like your inbox is flooded with messages from people you do not know or with company newsletters that you did not subscribe to? Most of these messages are usually considered bulk email. Bulk email is also called spam.

Luckily, several email providers are offering bulk email or spam blockers along with their standard services. These bulk email blockers filter incoming email messages and collect bulk email in a special folder. Consequently, all bulk email goes directly to that folder and not to the main inbox. This lessens the amount of email messages in the inbox itself.

How it Works

Bulk email blockers have been programmed by email providers to classify and segregate the email messages that an account receives. These blockers intelligently sort through the jumble of email messages. Unsolicited messages are marked accordingly and are directed to a folder marked for such email. That way, the owner of an email account will only see solicited email messages in his inbox. Once the entire bulk of email has been organized and separated into folders, the reader will enjoy less clutter in his inbox, making email less of a hassle.

However, there is one main disadvantage to bulk email blockers. People who use such programs for their email accounts may find that some email messages from trusted sources have been classified as spam. Not only will the reader have to go through his inbox to check his messages, he will also have to open the bulk email folder to access incorrectly marked email.

If you are interested in knowing more about bulk email blockers and their features, you will have to familiarize yourself with the settings of your email account. This way, you can choose to enable your bulk email blocker and access its various options.

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