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Bubble Puzzle Game

Bubble Wrap. Where do you find it? What do you do with it?

Bubble wrap is a great way to securely send your items. But when you go into an office supply store it can be quite expensive. Here in Canada, bags of packing popcorn can be around $8-10.00! So where can we all find this FREE bubble wrap??

I used to own retail stores and at the end of every night we would put out our garbage for the mall to pick it up. We often would find bubble wrap and popcorn just tossed into the garbage. So, here is what you do.....

Find a retailer that gets in alot of breakables then get to know the store owner or manager. Ask them if you can help them out and take all that popcorn and bubble wrap off their hands. They will be happy to have it picked up as they just don't need it.

Get all the FREE popcorn & bubble wrap you need! Take it a step further and sell it on eBay. Why not? Everyone needs bubble wrap.

Next time you're in the mall, start taking note on which stores have alot of glassware. And then make room for it all. Have Fun!

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