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Every small business web site appears to be a candidate for Googleís AdSense program. The number of web sites adding content to support AdSense layouts seems to be growing daily. The criteria for being approved for an AdSense account doesnít appear to be a hindrance to the number of web sites jumping on the Google bandwagon for rewarding content sites for providing traffic to someone elseís offerings. From a small business web site business point of view will AdSense provide a good return on investment to your content site or will it just turn out to be a bunch of nonsense?

The answer depends on your business objectives and how you use your content to achieve them. If you use content to drive traffic to your small business web site for the primary purpose of selling your own products and services, you may find AdSense is a distraction for your visitors. If your business goals revolve around moving other peopleís products and services then AdSense and affiliate programs can make sense.

Low Volume Ė High Traffic

Adsense doesnít build volume. It leverages existing volume. Without high traffic your click through net numbers and payout may not high enough to warrant the time and effort needed to properly implement Adsense. AdSense should be treated like any product or service you offer. If you have the high traffic volume or are dedicated to building traffic then manage your marketing efforts for AdSense like you do your other offerings. If not, AdSense may just be nonsense for your small business web site.

Related Ė Random

AdSense uses the content keywords on the page you place the scripting code on to determine what ads appear. If a page you place AdSense on has a keyword density for a topic unrelated to your overall web site or web page theme you can get some pretty weird ads. Although they may match the keywords on the page they may not be of any interest to your web page visitor. A keyword density check for the page will tell you if AdSense thinks the page is really about what you think itís about. For the most part, you want your AdSense ads to be related to your overall site and the intended topic of the web site page they appear on. Too much randomness is just nonsense.

The amount of focused, keyword content needed to attract niche web site traffic and generate a monthly AdSense payout demands a lot of attention. Just throwing up some content and adding the scripting code to your small business web site is not enough to make it pay off. AdSense can make dollars, not just cents, if itís part of a solid, dedicated home based business objective. If itís just a passing fancy itís really just nonsense.

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