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Car Jigsaw Puzzles

Car jigsaw puzzles are for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who are also car enthusiasts. They can combine their passion for cars with their love for jigsaw puzzles and finally assemble and preserve images of their favorite automobile to display on the wall.

One could buy a 500-piece vintage car puzzle for $0.86 and a 600-piece Smart Silver sports car for $1.73. A 3-dimensional police car is available for $1.73. Or one could pick up a number of different high performance cars with prices ranging from $7.99 to $9.50. These puzzles consist of 750 pieces, and even beginners could put it together. In the 1000-piece range, one could get a veteran 1905 Peugeot circular jigsaw or a collectible Audi A4 for $13.50.

For $18.95 one could purchase racing models such as Ford F150 Off Road Racer, vintage Porsche racers, MGA Roadster, MGTF Roadster, MGPB Roadster, and Jaguar XKE Roadster. These jigsaws come in 750 pieces and would be 18" x 24" when assembled.

One could also go for car jigsaw puzzles made in the UK, but often these would have to be ordered, and the cost of shipping would have to be taken into account.

The above jigsaw puzzles are of the traditional type, made of high quality cardboard and have to be put together physically. However, there are also a lot of car jigsaw puzzles that can be done on the computer by pulling the mouse to shift a piece or to click onto another piece. Some of these computer-based jigsaw puzzles are programmed from easy to more difficult, and one can choose one?s program accordingly.

However, there is nothing like the traditional many-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Once they are complete, one can revel in the picture as well as set it up for display.

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