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Christmas Crossword Puzzles

Christmas is a fun time of year, but gift ideas for kids can be tough to come by if you aren't used to dealing with children. It isn't all that tough, though, if you know what you are doing. Going beyond the typical books and clothing that kids get every year; these ideas will help you get that perfect gift for the kid in your life.

The Movie Gift Basket

Get a basket or tub, pick up a liter of soda, some microwave popcorn and a gift card to a local video rental store and you have a movie gift basket! Any kid will love to get their very own movie card and all the "fixins" that are just for them. This is appropriate for a kid of any age.

Grab Bags

Get several small trinkets and one "main" gift. Put each one in its own decorated paper bag and put those bags into one large bag. Allow the child to choose one small bag at a time, discovering the treasures that are contained within each. This is a delightful surprise for the younger child, but older kids seem to like it too.

Gift Cards

Kids love to get gift cards. Depending on the age, you can get them a gift card to a toy store, the mall or get one of the major credit card gift cards so that they can spend it anywhere! They will feel just like a grown up when they go shopping and use their very own credit card to get the things that they want!

Art Sets

Purchase an art set of acrylic paints, brushes and paper, or try a different medium such as charcoal, pastels, water colors or oils. You can add in an instructional book and you have a gift that gives in so many ways. Children love to create and art allows them the gift of self expression.


Puzzles are a fun way for children to learn through doing. They learn logic without even realizing that it is a lesson because it is so much fun. Jigsaw puzzles are fun and you can get the mats that roll up so that the puzzle can be put away without being taken apart. Wood puzzles and brain teasers will keep kids entertained for hours as well.

Magazine Subscription

There are many great kids' magazines that are available; many are published by mainstream publications such as National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. Find out what interests the kid in your life has and get them the gift that gives all year long - a subscription to their favorite magazine.


Jewelry is always a hit with girls. Younger girls will love bracelets and necklaces with their names in block letters. Jewelry kits are also a big hit with girls. They can make their own jewelry and wear it.

When you are shopping for the kids in your life, don't be afraid to be creative. Have fun and steer away from the conventional. Think about the child's personality, likes and dislikes, then run with it! If all else fails, do a movie gift basket or a hot cocoa gift basket. You can't go wrong!

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