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Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle

This took me some time to really really understand the valueof this. It's one of those things that can take your from beingan average marketer online to an advanced one.

Your business is like a big jigsaw puzzle. Each new thingyou learn or do is a new piece of the puzzle that you'refilling in. But the bigger picture is this, when you beginyou start out with no pieces and you don't even know whatthe final picture is going to look like.

Each piece of the puzzle you create let's you know a littlebit more about what the entire picture really looks like andleads you in the direction of finding and creating the nextpiece.

Vague idea I know, but here's an example what this means:

If you use article marketing as a marketing strategy inyour business you'll soon see that some of your articles getmore traffic than others. That's important and you shouldtake note of it because this will give you a quantifiabledirection to go next.

If you have an article that's doing exceedingly well thenyou need to ask yourself the question "Why?"

Is it because of the keywords I used?

Is it because of the topic of the article?

Once you figure that out you know where to go next.

This was a major leap for me personally. If it works in onearea it will work in others.

First you write more articles and create more content aroundthat particularly well performing article and then you goout and you do a PPC campaign around the keywords used inthe article.

Maybe you even find a new headline for a lead capture pageto test or a Google adword campaign. Etc.

What works in one area will work in ALL areas. Be sure topay close attention to this and leverage in your marketingscheme.

Our example was article marketing, but you can pull vitallyimportant information from anything you do and use it togrow your marketing campaign in different areas and media aslong you know the importance of asking yourself why aparticular thing you're doing is going so well and then askwhat yourself what you can do to leverage that success intoanother area.

It all goes together.

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