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Article marketing is one way to promote your small business web site. If article marketing is going to be effective it must meet the same criteria as any other marketing technique you use to build your sales volume and acquire more customers.

Any small business marketing technique should have a targeted audience. When you write an article for distribution through an article directory make sure your article is focused on what your customers are looking for when they research the types of products and services your small business offers. Also, place your article in a category matching the search words your customers typically use.

Article marketing for your small business web site is not about promoting your products and services directly. It's more about demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. The resource box at the end of your article should be used for marketing your specific products and services via your "call to action" links.

Place several links in your resource box to offer something of value, promote your URL and gain name recognition for your small business web site. Remember, your resource box is part of what search engines see so include the keywords that best promote your small business marketing efforts.

The bottom line of small business web site article marketing is to increase your sales and build your customer base. So, don't just write to illustrate your expertise. Use your expertise to reach the same targeted audience all of your other small business marketing efforts are dedicated to.

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