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Crossword Puzzles Online

Yes, we love our grandmas, and no, weíre not just giving them holiday gifts to safely secure our place in their will. (Shame on us, in case itís the latter)

In any case, the truth remains that grandmas are just plain hard to give gifts to. Most grandmas already have everything they can ask for, which, unfortunately, immediately rules out holiday gifts like a sweater, a scarf, and a pair of pyjamas. And the trickier part is getting a holiday gift that grandmas could actually use instead of just being passed on to eager grandkids or other family members.

Itís time we give an online gift to our grandmas and let them believe in the powers of the Internet just for once this holiday season. An online gift will have them wishing they lived in the wired world of our generation, and theyíre sure to thank you for it.

Wooden Massage Rollers. and some rosewood oil. Of course, since this is an online gift, you wonít be able to offer to massage her yourself, so just follow up your gift with an overseas phone call and have a nice bonding moment with your grandma.

Sneakers or Trainers. Yes, your grandma could use a pair of cool trainers as a holiday online gift. After all, youíre concerned about her heart and her health. If you want to take your gift a notch higher, give her an iPod youíve crammed with music she can appreciate while sheís doing her morning jog. Needless to say, get your grandmaís correct shoe size. Please.

A Paint-by-Number Art Kit. Or any art-related kit so she can have a project to work on and look forward to each day. Give her more than one too, so she can share the activities with her grandkids, and even with big people who donít mind getting down on their hands.

A harmonica. Or any musical instrument. Even a drum set will do. Seriously. After all, itís never too late to learn something new. You might want to stay away from the big things that require big lungs though, like a tuba. In any case, your online gift means you look forward to making good music with your grandma soon.

Gift Basket. Where you can cram in all the holiday gifts can think of, in the hopes that at least one of the goodies inside will have your grandma smiling. The best part is, with so many gifts at her hand, she can play the Santa Claus part and dole out the goodies (whether theyíre chocolate bars, or cookies) to her children, grandkids, in-laws, etc. Most online gift shops will have a gorgeous line of gift baskets to choose from.

Crossword Puzzles. For your grandma to rack her brains with. Studies show that puzzles and games that flex the mental muscles help keep the elderly sharp and brilliant well through their years. For best results, throw in a handsome refillable pen too!

Flower delivery. A surefire and lovely way to remind grandmas of their youth and heyday, back when they were a blushing sweet sixteen getting roses from their suitors. Your neighborhood flower shop surely has an amazing array of flower delivery and arrangement to astound even the most hard-to-please grandmas. Donít worry; online flower shops will deliver them fresh at her doorstep as if you were there yourself.

So there! Never panic again as the big day arrives and you still donít know what online gifts to give that woman we call grandma. Just make the effort and she already knows what you mean

Neoli Marcos is a free-lance writer for Express Regalo. When heís not welding words on paper, he can be found at the beach carving washable poems.