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Crossword Puzzles To Print

Wedding favors are tokens of gratitude that you present to your guests for sharing in your wedding celebration. Whether they are elegant or casual, most couples definitely want them to be personal and unique. If you’ve been searching for something that works with your wedding theme and encompasses your unique personalities, here are 9 bridal favor ideas that you may want to consider.

Customized T-shirts: Buy some plain white T-shirts and using a fabric pen, draw a small design to reflect your theme or use iron-on transfers. You can create a design on your computer then print it out on transfer sheets.

License Plate Frames: You can purchase license plate frames, which you can personalize perhaps with your city name or a funny saying.

Tape Cassette or CD: Record all the songs used at your wedding. Print your engagement photo or create a special design, add your names and wedding date, and glue it to the label covers of the tape or CD. Wrap these in wrapping paper with musical notes on it.

Small Paperback Books: If you both love reading, search for inexpensive paperback books to give to your guests. Be sure to “autograph” the inside cover.

Newsletter: Create a 2-page newsletter (front and back). Fill with a copy of your birth announcements, your engagement announcement, perhaps a copy of your invitation, short biographies, information of where you’ll be honeymooning, etc. Make it colorful with bold “headlines” and a couple of photos.

Postcards: Buy postcards of your city and write a personal note on the back of each one.

Word Search or Crossword Puzzle: Create your own puzzles using words from your wedding, such as theme words, attendant’s names, your names, wedding date, etc.

Personalized Calendars: Purchase an inexpensive Calendar program for your computer. Scan photos of the two of you and create your own calendars for the coming year for your guests.

Custom Printed My M&M's: Bet you didn't know that you could order your own personalized M&M's. Available in 17 festive colors and packaging options, they're a wonderfully unique give that your guests will love. You can order them from

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Copyright 2007 Rose Smith is the author of How to Create a Beautiful Medieval Wedding, Sensational Seaside Weddings, and Wild West Wedding Roundup ( Check out her WedThemes Wedding Gazette Blog for more great ideas on planning a wedding.