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Crossword Sudoku Puzzles

Tablet PC games include crossword puzzles, Microsoft Sudoku, and many war games that are more advanced in nature. News reports indicate that Microsoft is in the process of designing a Tablet PC game software development kit (SDK) and a new Tablet-PC-specific game, both meant to draw new developers and customers towards buying Tablet PCs. Another game that is being developed by Microsoft is the "Arc of fire."

The M4 release concentrated on Tablet PC-specific improvement, game-play development and incessant refactoring to develop performance. "Arcs of Fire" now runs in portrait and landscape modes, and re-sizes itself based on screen rotation. It also responds to system-wide power events, and can be held in suspended animation until the user restarts it. Gesture support has been added to AoF and the circle gesture to toggle sound, the square gesture to maximize or restore the game, and the star gesture to exit the game. Slate labyrinth is another tablet PC game that has a maze of roads, which are to be crossed.

Another popular tablet PC game is the Metroid, which does not have very good reviews on the Internet. Users of Metroid have complained about its awkward controls. There are many other puzzle games available on tablet PC's that can be downloaded from the Internet free of cost or as a shareware.

Any game that can be played on a normal computer can also be played on a tablet PC by properly downloading it or on a burn-and-share basis. Many companies also offer free games along with their software. Some of the software companies in the gaming industry are Valve Software, Id Software, Micropose and Lionhead studios. These are makers of some famous games such as Half Life, Doom, and Quake. The web sites of these companies offer these PC games for free or as shareware.

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