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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle mania reached its peak in USA in 1933. People found them so entertaining that they wanted them last forever and ever. So, all jigsaw puzzles at the time were made of wood. And as ideas flowed forth gustily, the concept of custom jigsaw puzzles came into being.

Custom jigsaw puzzles are usually made of wood. Experts in the field add special touches to make the puzzles unique. For example a jigsaw puzzle with a flower theme will have flower shaped pieces.

Custom jigsaw puzzles can be used to propose marriage, celebrate family traditions, and create cherished family heirlooms. A very popular idea in marriage proposal jigsaw puzzles, is to keep the message in a single piece. The ploy suggested is to remove the piece and keep it as a surprise element for when the rest of the puzzle is done. A winning and romantic idea, it has created a huge demand for custom jigsaw puzzles for marriage proposals.

Expert craftsmen in the field of jigsaw puzzle creation offer an extensive range of design options. Customers can choose their custom puzzle. Specifications regarding levels of difficulty are readily catered to. Easy puzzles with larger pieces or difficult ones with many pieces, anything can be created given specific directions.

Custom jigsaw puzzles can be used for several occasions. Some examples are preserving wedding memories with a photo collage puzzle, delighting grandparents with a photo puzzle of all their beloved grandchildren and celebrating special occasions like graduations, bar mitzvahs and the like with a related image in jigsaw puzzle form.

Custom jigsaw puzzles make great Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts too. Friends will also appreciate carefully chosen custom jigsaw puzzles. Just be sure to choose a suitable image.

Difficulty levels can be adjusted as per requirement while making custom jigsaw puzzles. If you are planning one as a family heirloom, then a challenging one will fit the bill. If it is meant to amuse little ones then an eye catching one with only a few challenging twists will be appreciated.

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