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Daily Crossword Puzzle Printable

Knowing our core values is critical when making decisions. All of us want to make the most of every day, within the context of our value systems. How can we be more aware of manifesting our values in our everyday lives?

Here’s an exercise that will help. For the next 30 days, set aside about fifteen to twenty minutes every morning to meditate on the following questions.

  1. How do I want to be today? The answer can be as simple as happy, giving, grateful, etc.

  2. What am I thankful for? And to whom?

  3. How can I have fun today? This can be as simple as doing a crossword puzzle or waving at everyone you pass today.

  4. Who do I need to call/contact/pray for today? Let your mind go blank and wait for the name/face of the first person that emerges.

  5. What am I noticing right now? Start by noticing the physical… is it hot or cold? breezy? dark or light? Then go deeper and notice what your body is feeling… refreshed or tired? Is your heart light or heavy? What’s going on? If you feel the urge to change how you’re feeling, think about the impact it will have on you and your day.

  6. Now ask yourself, How did this exercise impact my life? And let me know! You can contact me through my web site. It changed my life forever. Continue to do this exercise if you find that you’re invigorated or changed by it. Add more of your own questions that resonate with you personally. May you be blessed by this!

    Carol Janssen has been a Life Coach since 2000. She is also an accomplished public speaker. Her workshops and retreats are focused on foundational life work, including spiritual growth, reconnecting with core values, living in the public eye, creating a fulfilled life, and many other topics. Carol’s training with the Coaches Training Institute has provided her with a solid basis for working co-actively with her clients and with groups. As a leader, Carol believes that many people have untapped potential, which can be liberated by working with her through obstacles that can be overcome through compassion, listening, and accountability. For more information about Carol and her coaching business, Metamorphosis Coaching, go to now.