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Dell Sudoku Puzzles

Dell DJ is a fairly new term in the DJ world used to classify the evolving breed of technology enhanced jocks that are flocking to the industry.

The tools of a Dell DJ could be, but are by no means limited to:

  • MP3 players
  • Dell Laptop computers
  • Computer fused turntable scratching interface
  • Outbaord controllers to operate computer software
  • Remixed and extended mixes made from software based systems

  • That only scratches the surface of what makes up a Dell DJ. The term could just have easily have been HP (Hewlett Packard) DJ, but somehow that doesn't sound as smooth as Dell DJ. Dell, of course, being the computer company. The name Dell implies that the Dell DJ is progressing forward with technology such as computers.

    You owe it to yourself to see what can be accomplished with a Dell computer and some of the DJ gear that it can run. Many outside companies have reconfigured the Dell computers so that they operate more efficiently with DJ software. The result is like a Dell computer on steroids. Go to some of these websites and see for yourself. You'll be amazed.

    To truly move ahead in today's competitive DJ industry, one must embrace the new technology and utilize it. But, that does not negate where the DJ's roots lie. Many of the new Dell DJs are failing to use anything but the new technology, and that is a terrible mistake.

    Jocks from the seventies are creating new trends and styles by combining their vinly record playing skills with the Dell DJ concept. The results are things that were never thought possible. Old songs are taking on whole new lives.

    The Dell DJ has arrived.

    Ray Mardo serves as a consultant and training director for the top DJ entertainment companies on the East Coast. He is the author of the best selling DJ training course "Making Money As A Mobile Entertainer." Ray is semiretired from DJing and is enjoying a career online and as a filmmaker/writer. More info on Dell DJs can be accessed at