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At the height of preparations for a birthday party, it is so easy to forget details, even on the information you write on the invitation cards. You can overlook the date or time or forget to place the exact venue or what to wear. And anyone who has ever organized a party can tell you that can spell disaster. Donít let small details ruin your plans.

There are software programs for printing standard invitation cards. These are perfect when you are in a rush and under a strict budget, and if you are only inviting close friends and family. They donít need fancy invites to come to your party. The templates are exciting, too, and you are mostly likely to find what you need from the myriad of choices available. You can print the invitation in portrait or landscape mode, bi-fold or triple-fold.

Desktop publishing of birthday party invitations can also give you the flexibility to produce the smallest amount you need. Whatís more, depending on your printer, you can use any kind of paper you want. If you just give it a little more attention, you may even come out with a more professional invitation card. Accessorize your printable birthday invitation with ribbons or sequins or cut-outs. To add a touch of simple elegance, accent the card with dried flowers and spray it with perfume. You may also add fillers with additional information about the celebrator or you can put the entire list of activities guests can expect at the party.

Inviting relatives or friends from another state? You donít have to worry about the logistics of sending the invitations to them. Distribution of the invites may not be a problem at all. If you do not want to use snail mail, try e-mailing the card to one individual who can print the card and send copies to the rest.

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