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Educate and Entertain Toddlers with Fun Developmental Games and Educational Toys

Educational toys and developmental games are excellent for strengthening the parent/child relationships. These games and toys are great source of fun and are wonderful way to enhance your toddler's learning. In addition, manipulative games enhance dexterity and eye-hand coordination and provide numerous learning opportunities. In this brief article, we'll discuss the benefits of toddler games, some popular developmental games, and how you can make the most of your toddler's playing time.

First of all, you should keep in mind that education games and toys include board games, puzzles, dominoes and memory games. Here are some popular choices: Board Games: With board games, toddlers are able to learn their colors, shapes, and sounds, and move pieces which also enhance their dexterity skills. Puzzles: With puzzles, toddlers are able to solve problems. Some great examples are wooden and jigsaw puzzles. You can even purchase floor jigsaw puzzles and involve the entire family. Creative Mind Games: With creative mind games, toddlers are encouraged to learn shapes, colors, and sounds with the use of songs and other activities.

Second, when choosing developmental games for your toddler, use variety and choose age appropriate toys and games. For instance, a 6 month won't like the same toy as a 12 and 24 month old. You see, 6 month old baby are just discovering the world and tend to put things in their mouths whereas 12-24 month old enjoy prodding and discovering. To choose the best age appropriate toy that suits child unique needs, try out various types and see which one interests the most. You will soon discover that your child is not only enjoying himself but learning and developing skills as well.

Third, take your time and do not schedule too many activities at once. Toddlers are notorious for not being able to focus for long periods of time and tend to getting bored easily. Therefore, it is important that you keep playing sessions short and do not force toys upon him. Instead, use a variety of different developmental games and toddler educational toys, and switch gears, or move to something else, when he seems bored. This will encourage him to have fun, enjoy the moment and not get bored.

Fourth, have a wonderful time and enjoy the moment. Although it is tempting to do so, you do not have to have structured play time all time and you do not have to see the educational value in everything you do. After all, toddlers learn so much by just doing and being with you. So, have fun and do not rush the educational process. It will happen!

In conclusion, playing developmental games with your toddler is a great way to relax and spend quality time with children as they improve their skills and improve their dexterity skills. So regardless of whether you play puzzle game, memory, dominoes, or snap cards games, you will have a fun and so will your toddler!

Marina Neiman, author and mother of two, writes for Educational Toys Store, featuring classic learning toys, developmental games and selection of educational toys for toddlers.