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Entertainment Crossword Puzzles

Reality TV is entertaining. Whether you enjoy watchingpeople embarrass themselves or you like to watch otherschallenge themselves to points where you would never go,then reality TV is the right choice for you. If yourthoughts are of the upcoming season premiere or you arelooking forward to seeing those reruns you missed, you arejust delving into the ordinary adventures that reality TVcan offer to you. Why not go farther with it? That's trueentertainment.

To help you to make reality TV something that is more thanjust a television show, consider these ways.

1. Stage Your Own Survivor. Sure, you won't betraveling to the most remote island you can find, but youcan do something locally. For example, get the neighborhoodtogether to have a Survivor challenge like those that theyhave on the popular show. You may want to consider teamsthat have to put together puzzles, races of all types, andmental challenges. The winner gets a pool of funds that hasbeen put together by the participants.

2. If Iron Chef is more your style, then why not takeon another chef of your own? Do you think you make a bettermeal than your sister-in-law? Why not challenge her to acooking showdown based on this reality television show? Forentertainment, give yourself a time limit, a secretingredient and the chance to win a gift certificate to yourfavorite cooking supply store.

3. If your thing is that you need to lose weight, gettogether some other people that are in the same boat. Allyou need to do to accomplish this task is hire a personaltrainer to handle it. A time limit, a rigorous regimen andthis reality TV show has just become one of the mostimportant challenges of your lifetime. Your reward besidesbetter health may be a new wardrobe.

Why not take reality TV to the next level of entertainment? Why not immerse yourself in the fun that is happening there? Are you up for the challenge? Are you committed? Manypeople are doing these types of situations and making themwork. Whatever reality TV show is your favorite, make sureyou take it to the next level.

Theresa A. Franklin is a contributing writer at where you can find more articles about movies and television.