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Eons Puzzle Games

Getting children to learn has long been a dilemma faced by today's teachers and parents. How do you make something like the industrial revolution interesting to an eight year old? It's hard, but have always been intrepid folks out there who try their hardest to make the act of learning fun and entertaining for children. Educational board games are one of the most effective ways of doing so, and there have been a lot of really good additions to the market over the years - board games, memory games, and puzzle games that challenge a child's brain and give them a fun reason to learn.

These board games come in all shapes and sizes. For those looking to get a game for their child that will trigger some intellectual stimulation, it's only a matter of choosing a topic or field to work with. School age board games are not only tailored for the skill level of your child, but the interests they might have.

For as young as children aged 1 and up, there are games that challenge them to recognize and remember different shapes, colors, and objects. By enhancing their cognitive ability through a fun memory game, you are giving them a head start on learning when they get older.

For the older children out there, the options immediately diversify. There are exciting puzzle games like Dinosaurs and Things that won't even seem like learning to a child intrigued by the giant lizards of eons past. History has a habit of being dry and boring when taught from a text book, but a board game in which the information might sneak up on a child and be exciting is the perfect way to make them want to learn.

For the math crowd, there are many options. Fraction, multiplication, and division playing card decks are available as well as various memory games. The educational board games on the market are so varied that no matter how your child learns, whether it is visually, audibly, or hands on, there's a game out there to help them.

Sitting down and playing a board game with your children is one of those activities that families have been doing for years, often on a set night, in a big group. It's a great way to spend some time with your loved ones after a long, stressful week and unwind. At the same time, you can help your children develop stronger logic and problem solving skills and have fun while doing it.

There are school age board games for children of all ages, in topics ranging from history and math to geography and literature. Whether they know it or not, an educational board game is the best way for you to sneak up on your child with a good dose of mind expanding fun.

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Marina Neiman, author and mother of two, writes for - Children Educational Toys Store, featuring classic toys, along with great selection of educational board games.