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Famaly Games Puzzle Solutions

If you are having a problem finding a work at home business, Internet solutions come in all varieties. A simple search using Google or Yahoo (or any search engine you prefer) for "find a work at home business" will yield hundreds of pages of results. The Internet will provide you with a solution to most puzzles and finding a work at home business opportunity on the Internet is one such puzzle.

The number and variety of choices your search engine enquiries will reveal will probably be enough to leave you breathless, so it is worth having a brain-storming session before doing a search online for a work at home Internet business opportunity. If you start out with a couple of possible ideas for your work at home business, you can refine your searches by adding or excluding certain types of work. You will almost certainly end up with more search results than you will have time to read but they should be more focused than a broad search for "work at home business".

Don't worry if thinking of a work at home Internet business to suit you seems like a tall order. You have most likely never had a work at home business before and, therefore, won't know what might be right for you. The place to start is to think about what you like doing in terms of hobbies and interests, and jot down a list of no more than six ideas. Next think of some things that might be sound money-making ideas for an Internet based work at home business. These ideas can be as random as you like and, again, limit yourself to no more than half a dozen ideas. Then make a list of things you are good at. These attributes don't need to be work related (ie things like typing speeds), they can be things like excelling in sports or being very patient with other people.

Treat the items on these lists as pieces of a puzzle which will fit together to form your work at home business. Internet solutions will be revealed when you type items from the lists into search engines, but you can also scan your lists to see if an obvious answer leaps out at you. If you can see one thing on each list that is related to an item on each of the other lists, start with those.

By looking at those pieces of the puzzle, you might immediately see the outline of your work at home business without resorting to further searches. If this happens, your next step is to do some research to see how much demand there is for the service or product you have in mind. Then you need to check to see how much competition there is in that particular field of Internet business. After completing this research, you should be able to see a picture of your proposed work at home business opportunity pretty clearly.

Using the Google keyword tool will show you the number of searches performed each month relating to your work at home business and the level of competition. The keyword tool is simple to use: it is just a matter of typing in keywords and phrases relevant to your work at home business idea. This is a quick method of getting a feel for possible popularity and competition before you proceed to more in-depth research.

All you have to do is provide the pieces of the puzzle for your work at home business: Internet solutions will then reveal the full picture.

Elaine Currie is the owner of the Free Work At Home Directory at and author of the book Ezine Article Writing - 10 Steps To Success. You can download the book free of charge at: