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Festool Trion Jigsaw for Precision Woodworking

The Festool Trion jigsaw comes equipped with all of the features expected from a high end tool manufacturer such as Festool. On the exterior, the Trion offers a sleek, compact appearance that is easily maneuverable. Inside, this Festool jigsaw features a powerful 720-watt motor that can easily cut a 4-3/4" thick wood beam or a 3/8" thick steel plate.

There is a variable speed dial located on the back of the Trion's grip which can adjust the speed from 1000 to 2900 strokes per minutes. However, you cannot adjust the speed with one hand while operating the jigsaw. One of the best features about the Trion jigsaw is the lack of vibration which is characteristic of many tools.

There a number of different blades that are designed to fit the Trion. One of the best features of the Festool Trion is how easy it is to change blades. It literally takes a matter of seconds to change blades. Simply lift the front lever to release the blade and insert a new blade. Unlike many other jigsaws, no tools are required for a blade change. The blade can be operated in several different stroke modes. Most people familiar with jigsaws call this an "orbit," but it refers to it as a "pendulum" action.

One of the best features about it is its ability to plunge cut without the need for a starter hole. This can be done with many jigsaws, but the difference is that the Trion does not bounce or effect the quality of the cut. However, for this to be made possible, the base of the jigsaw needs to be adjusted to a different position.

Festool tools are very well-known for their ability to effectively collect dust, and this is no exception. Dust is collected through a large duct on the center of the jigsaw's base. Through the use of a chip guard fitted over the front of the jigsaw, dust is collected remarkably well. Even if the chip guard is removed, efficient dust collection will continue to take place.

Included with every Festool jigsaw is a Systainer storage chest, chip deflector, saw blade, and splinter guard. As with any other tool from Festool, the Trion comes with a 3-year warranty which protects against any defects in materials or workmanship. In addition, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchased product for any reason. Overall, the Festool Trion jigsaw combines high performance and accuracy into a compact and maneuverable tool.

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