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After taking a close look at five of the top ranked coffee break arcades according to some company called Google, I decided to write about it. After all, there's a list for everything nowdays. So here's the list for top five coffee break arcade games. If you happen to be unemployed now and your whole day is a coffee break (Hmmm, sounds like me),'s ok. You can still take a peak.

After taking a look at five of the top results from a Google search of 'coffee break arcade' I found these games were the most popular.

Starting at number one is:

1. Star Defender. This was actually the easiest choice as three different sites had this game listed as number one. Star defender is a good choice for number one as I had a great time playing it. Top quality.

2. Billiard Training. This is the number one game according to one of the top sites. The idea behind this game is to learn how to to improve at billiards while playing online. The strategy is emphasized.

3. Happy Tree Friends: Flippy Attack. This one is a bit disturbing. Who would want to attack flippy? Ok, it's just a game. Flippy doesn't really die. :-)

4. Air Strike 3D. This one has been gaining ground ( OK, that's air not ground.) and looks like a winner.

5. Fruit Smash. Great game and definitely a game for the farmers and the David Letterman group.

I hope this helps. Just remember: your coffee break lasts only 15 minutes. Unless your self-employed. Then you either have no coffee breaks, or all day long is a coffee break.

Tim Phelan has been involved in online flash arcade games for many months. Visit Coffee Break Arcade Game for the current top arcade games.