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Free Childrens Fun Puzzle Games Printable

It is always a challenge at the beginning of planning a baby shower what games to play. Of course, you want it to be fun and creative and not too lame. As well, you are considering the costs, so free is always better. The solution I have for you is finding some free printable baby shower games.

They are not difficult to find on the Internet. What is also great is that you can easily print out the game instructions and have them with you at the party and ready to pass out the game pieces.

There are all types of games that are appropriate at different points in such a party. You can have door prize games, for example. Also, there are themed games (religious, seasonal), name games, baby feature games, nursery games, etc.

If you prefer other games, then feel free to make up your own. We all have creative talents. By coming up with your own game ideas, you can easily think of others. It is really not that difficult. For that matter, just about anything can be turned into a game. All that it really takes is being silly. For example, here is one I recently made up, but I'm sure it's not original to the world of ideas out there by any means.

The game is called Baby Spelling Bee. It is not a contest, like regular competitive spelling bees. Instead, I just take the idea of having to use your brain to decipher the scrambled letters to make out real words or phrases. Here are the directions to the game...

Create a list of about 20 or 30 baby-related words. Mix up the letters and phrases randomly for each word. Take the list, and print out multiples of them to pass out to your guests. This may be a timed game if you like, and the first guest to rearrange the words properly wins. You can also create more words and place them on sheets of paper to hand out.

Now, there is really no genius to it, is there? That is my whole point. Baby shower parties are meant to lighten the heart, encourage participation and evoke laughs. I bet if a room fool of females played that game, that there would be a few laughs at the very least.

You can easily find free printable baby shower games. Just have a look around Online. They are not difficult to set up, and they are very cost-effective. You’ll find that playing these games at the baby shower party is great fun.

Marisa Meidle is an expert in all aspects of Baby Showers. For more of her ideas you can visit her Baby Shower Blog at