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Free Downloadable Jigsaw Puzzles

Making nutrition and healthy eating fun for kids will help them have a better understanding about the foods they eat. You may be thinking "how in the world can we have fun teaching our kids nutrition". The answer is really quite simple. You can start off by using food related active learning tools such as coloring pages, name games, and puzzles.

These types of learning tools are meant to help parents and teachers provide a friendly environment in which the children feel more comfortable learning. Many kid friendly websites provide free coloring printouts and downloadable games that you can play at your convenience.

When you begin to look for activities for your kids be sure that they are specifically targeted towards your child's age, mental and physical development. For example;Preschoolers between three to five years old can recognize shapes and primary colors. They are interested in simple number activities, alphabet games, copying letters, and matching and sorting pictures. They become more interested in role playing with realistic scenes that have working parts. Preschool girls become interested in dolls, dressing up in costumes, and dollhouses. Whereas, boys tend to favor themes like farms, airports, space, and garages.

School Age children between six and eight years old have started to develop more small muscle abilities; therefore they can perform more advanced tasks. They will begin to start printing letters, draw items using pencils and colors. They can complete simple jigsaw puzzles, string beads, and use scissors for paper cut-outs. They especially have an interest in fantasy type games like magic and tricks. Their social skills are also becoming more developed therefore they will begin playing with other children in group settings. Children learn by doing. This involves more than just doing the activities, but sharing those activities with parents and teachers. Discussing what is happening in the activity, and what they like or don't like about it. Then taking that new learned knowledge and applying it to real world situations.

If you use the activities that your kids like, together you will be exploring the world of food, nutrition, and fun!! You will be taking a journey filled with important facts about the foods we eat. You might even be surprised to find that your whole family has found interesting information that will help you make healthy lifestyle changes.