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Free Full Puzzle Game

There are so many games for the PSP it's hard to believe. The PSP was released in December of 2004. That makes it just over two years old and with literally hundreds of games for the PSP it makes choosing the Best Game for PSP hard.

First of all when you are trying to come up with the best game for the PSP you first need to think of genre. Or what category the games fall into there are Action, Sports, Racing / Driving, Adventure, Puzzle, Fighting, Role-Playing, Strategy, Shooter, and Arcade games just to name a few.

After you choose that you have to wonder is it really fair to place a shooter game up against a sports game or and adventure game. Well our goal is to find the Best Game for the PSP so I think they are all fair game.

Next thing I would rate the Best Game for PSP on is the graphics. The PSP is known for its superb graphics but they do vary from game to game. The best game would need to have stunning graphics and take full control of the PSP's hardware.

One other thing to consider when looking for the best PSP game is the cost. Now most PSP games come in a variety of pricing. I have seen games go from anywhere between $14.99 and $49.99 depending on the game.

The final thing we are looking for is playability. This means how easy…or hard is the game to actually play? Are the controls laid out in a reasonable manner? Is it impossible to find your way into the next level?

If your looking for the Best Game for PSP consider the factors, Genre, Graphics and Playability.

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