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Free Hidden Puzzle Games

For any PSP owner, being able to obtain free PSP downloadable games would be a very valuable asset for several reasons. First, and the most obvious reason would be because you would get them for free of course and second would be the fact that you would no longer have to carry around UMD's since all your PSP files will be in digital format.

At this point the main question people concern themselves with is, isn't this going to take up all the memory on my PSP? There is a two-fold answer to this and it is yes and no. Let me explain, most the sites that offer these free PSP downloadable games also offer software that will allow you to stream right from your computers hard drive and not have to take up the memory within your PSP. Now on the flip-side the only reason you would need to actually use the memory on your PSP for these games would be if you wanted to take them with you when you won't be near your PC. So say if you go out, or on a long trip, or simply need it on the go, then you would need to save them to your PSP's memory stick in order to take it with you.

Free PSP downloadable games can be hard to come by, and can cause enough grief unless you look in the right place. Not to fear though because I wrote this article in the hopes of saving you from this hard ache.

You will know you found a trustworthy site when you are able to download free PSP games without the hassle of hidden costs, viruses, spyware, annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, and any other annoyance found on the internet. In your journey to find a legitimate source for free PSP downloadable games you will more than likely run into a fair share of headaches. By headaches I mean sites that state you get “free downloads”, but then you have membership fees, per download fee, and a whole heap of hidden costs. Also, you have the sites that give you the free downloads, but along with these downloads your bombarded with pop-ups, viruses, and incredible amounts of spyware than slow down your computer to a screeching halt.

So to summarize the above paragraph, these are the characteristics you are going to try and avoid once a site is found for free PSP downloadable games:1)A site with too many pop-ups and advertisements2)A site with too many hidden costs. (Read the fine print on the site)3)A site that offers free downloads without any kind of cost at all ( These are most likely virus and spyware sites).

If you find a site that passes all of the above flaws, then you are most likely in a site that can be trusted for free PSP downloadable games. So what are you waiting for? Now you know what to look for in a legitimate site, so get out there and get gaming.

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