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Buying Christmas gifts for children is always a delight. Invariably, the experience brings me back to my own childhood, and I fondly remember the thrill and wonderment of seeing beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts and discovering the surprises that lay beneath the wrapping. Perhaps that's why today, whether I'm shopping for boy's toys or girl's toys, I almost always select the classics. Here are my top ten favorite Christmas gift selections.

1. Monopoly. Some have called Monopoly the world's greatest board game. I call it a classic. You can't help but become a land baron when faced with a board full of properties waiting to be purchased and you can't help but be delighted every time you can collect rent or pass "Go." The classic Monopoly board game makes a wonderful gift, as do the junior edition games and special themed edition games.

2. Star Wars. It's been 30 years since George Lucas made history with the "Star Wars," and its popularity has never waned. When I am in the market for boy's toys, I always start with Star Wars toys. Whether it's the Darth Vader Potato Head, a play light saber, or the Lego Star Wars video game, you can't go wrong with Luke and his friends.

3. Legos. What's a childhood without Legos? I love buying my nieces and nephews sets of Lego bricks. With Duplo Legos for the little tykes, everything from Harry Potter sets to Bionicles for the older kids, and Technics for the serious builders, you can't go wrong with Legos.

4. Bicycles. When I think back to my childhood, I remember the freedom of getting together with my friends to ride our bikes around the neighborhood. From explorations of nearby parks and rivers to daylong expeditions to other parts of the city, bicycles were central to our lives. When buying and giving bikes as Christmas gifts, I feel like I'm giving a gift of joy and independence.

5. Play-Doh. Childhood wouldn't be complete without Play-Doh. Even the scent of Play-Doh transports me back to my youth. I love giving Play-Doh as Christmas gifts, especially because there are so many more options today. There are sets with themes, such as Winnie the Pooh, Farm World, and Hairdresser, that give kids hours of imaginative fun.

6. Jigsaw Puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles make perfect children's gifts for kids of all ages. There are those made out of wood for preschoolers, those with relatively few pieces for young children, and those with several hundred pieces for those who are experienced puzzle solvers. Plus, jigsaws are perfect rainy day toys.

7. Roller Skates. Roller skates are great for exercise and for increasing balance and coordination - and are a whole lot of fun. Whether they're strap on skates for little tykes or inline skates for tweens, roller skates are always a hit!

8. Dolls. When it comes to girl's toys, there's nothing more classic than dolls. Of course, today's dolls are capable of doing just about everything except going to school - but that makes them all the more fun!

9. Magic Sets. Every boy goes through a phase where he wants to learn magic. The magic sets I've bought over the years have entertained and captivated boys, who love learning the skills behind the tricks.

10. Scrabble. Perhaps because I recall spending hours and hours playing this classic word game with my family, I love giving Scrabble boards as Christmas gifts. Boys and girls both love the game, which also comes in a junior edition, and I like knowing that my gifts are both fun and educational.

It's as much fun for adults to give toys as is it for children to receive them - especially when you can relive part of your own childhood by giving toys that you enjoyed while you were growing up.

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