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Free Internet Puzzle Games

First, lets talk about what does the homebrew term means. This term is all around the Internet when you search on pspís but I guess not many know really what the term meant. Homebrew is applied to video games that are not typically user-programmable. Some refer to homebrew as home-developed games or non-commercial video games. It was found out in June of 2005 that an unsigned code can be run on a PSP firmware version 1.5. This lead to the creation of unsigned codes that is the backbone for the homebrew games. Sony had come up with many security features but still the homebrew creators are successful. One of the most popular types of homebrewed games that you might have heard of is the fangames.

There are many free homebrew video games available in the Internet. Here is a list of some of them for your reference.

1. PSP Dungeons

This comes in 3D environment and setting.

2. LUAmines

This is a homebrew version of the PSP puzzle game called Lumines.

3. Snake for PSP

Basically this is the same as what you have on your hand phone. Very basic but good to have especially if you just need to something to get you occupied while on a queue, etc.

4. Space Invaders

Considered a classic game which most of game players are very familiar with.

5. Quake V2

You should never miss this if you are a hard-core fan of the famous quake game.

6. Beats of range

Patterned after street fighter.

Just type all these titles in the Internet and you should be able to find them for free download. There are a lot of sites offering free downloads for homebrew PSP games. Check out the site first before you decide to download the stuff. Some sites may have spam or virus so its best to do a bit of research before you start your download. Do check out the squidoo website as they offer quite a good range of free homebrew games.

There is no need to list down the sites with free homebrew games because there are thousands of them in the Internet. All you need to do is invest a bit of your time to search for it in the Internet.

Jordan Michael writes on a variety of subjects and recommends for more information on Free Homebrew PSP Games.

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