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Free Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns

Whether you have just started quilting and are a beginner, or you are an experienced quilter who has made dozens of quilts, eventually you are going to want to look for new quilting patterns. Most likely you won't want to spend a lot of money on these quilting patterns, and of course nothing is better than free quilting patterns. Here are a few ways you can get free quilting patterns.

One of the easiest ways to get many free quilting patterns is by going to the library. Your local library probably has dozens of quilting books, all with many different free quilting patterns to choose from. The best part is you can usually keep the books out for a month at a time, so you should have no problem getting the information you need out of it. If your local library doesn't have the books you are looking for, you should consider asking them. Many of them have deals with other local libraries to switch books to get you the books you want, and this is also free, so you have even more quilting books and free quilting patterns to choose from.

Another great way to get free quilting patterns is online. There are many websites dedicated to helping people quilt, and will give you all the free quilting patterns you can handle. There are entire sites that have different blocks on it, so that not only can you make any quilt you want, but also you can even design your own quilting pattern from the different blocks.

If you don't want to go to the library or online, another way to find free quilting patterns is to look at different quilts you see. If you are at a store nearby and see a quilt you like, take note to what it looks like. Or if you are at your friend's house, and really like her quilt, pay attention to why you like it. If you have a chance, even take a pen and paper and draw the quilt. When you get home, you will most likely be able to sketch it out, and recreate it yourself. If you aren't sure about exact measurements, you'll most likely be able to use them online.

If you want to quilt, but don't want to spend a lot of money on quilting patterns and books, you don't have to. Just follow a few of the tips above, and you will have all of the free quilting patterns that you could ever use!

Jenny Grant enjoys quilting and loves to help others learn how to quilt. She wants to help you make quilts faster so you can make more quilts for friends and family and even earn money from selling them! If you want free tips on quilting, visit the Quilting Advisor.