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Free New Puzzle Game Downloads

PSP Game Downloads is a massive topic online and one that has a lot of taboo about it as well. With so many people owning a PSP system now it is a very popular system and is on a par with the Ipod or Itunes.

So I suppose it is inevitable that people will look for new ways to fill this media device without having to spend a fortune!

Today I am going to tell you a few things to watch for when thinking about looking for PSP Game Downloads online and give you a few hints as well.

If you are serious about PSP Game Downloads then you will need to know a bit more about how the actual PSP system works. Just like our PC's run on a operating system (normally windows) so does a PSP and this is called “firmware”. Normally a PSP's firmware is installed by a flashdisk and they do this in the factory. This “firmware” is what allows your PSP to play different media types like films, movies and music.

The reason you should be aware of firmware in conjunction with PSP Game Downloads is that every now and then companies release updates to the system that changes the way your PSP works. Normally you can tell what version of firmware your PSP is running by numbers on the system details screen.

To be able to get your PSP Game Downloads to work the firmware will have to be version 1.5 and although this is an older version then the one that was recently released you will not be able to play most PSP Game Downloads if you have a newer version.

Basically the firmware was updated as a security feature to stop users running illegal software on their PSP's. If you have a different firmware version to 1.5 you will be able to find services online that can downgrade it for you.

Remembering to check your PSP firmware before trying to get PSP Game Downloads is vital as it will save a lot of misery later on when you discover that the PSP Game Downloads don't work on your system.

I hope these tips on PSP Game Downloads and what to look for have helped you get more form your PSP.

Happy Gaming!

Phill Thompson is a PsP Enthusiast and writes articles and submits product reviews of anything that will improve your PsP Experience!For more info on PSP Game Downloads and to find out how you can fill your PSP to the limit in the next 15 minutes Click The Link Below:

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