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Free Online Crossword Puzzles

Many parents dread a rainy day, with active kids stuck inside all day with nothing to do but watch TV or play video games. Here are some ideas for easy activities to engage and entertain your kids on the next rainy day.


It seems like a simple idea, but coloring can take up a lot of time and is a very inexpensive activity. If you don't have coloring books around, go online and print out some coloring pages. It's easy and free.


Keep some jigsaw puzzles around in case of a rainy day. These puzzles can be a good challenge for kids and keep them busy for a while trying to piece together the picture. You can even get puzzles from garage sales and flea markets for pennies.

Board Games

Board games like Life, Chutes and Ladders and CandyLand take up a lot of time and gets the kids or family together. Popular board games are another item you can find at garage sales for much less than you buy them in stores new.

Art Project

Get out all the crayons, pencils, markers, clay, play dough, construction paper, kid scissors, glue and tape you have and let the kids create. Art is a great way to get kids to express themselves and it can take up hours.


Put the stereo or radio on a top 40 station and get the kids dancing. Or put on classical music for the aspiring ballerina.

Write Letters

Have loved ones that live far away? Why not have the kids write letters to relatives that they miss. It's wonderful to receive a handwritten letter in this age of email. The letter will surely be treasured by the recipient.

Fashion Show

Let the kids have access to a closet with some clothes. Let them play dress up or have a fashion show with adult clothes. Though girls may enjoy this more than boys.

Card Games

Games like Hearts, Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, Spades and Pinochle can be taught to many children easily and they can play for hours.


Bingo is a fun game for all ages. If you don't have a bingo set around, then make one from scratch! It's easy, and making the game yourself can be as fun as playing it. Include prizes for whoever gets Bingo first, for extra fun.


There are many recipes on the web and in cookbooks that are safe and appropriate for kids to make. Choose one and have the kids make lunch or dinner, with supervision, of course.

Activity Books

Books full of crossword puzzles, word searches, math games, trivia and quizzes are perfect for rainy days. Stock up on these at the dollar store.


Lastly, don't forget the old standby of reading. If you need quiet time, get the kids reading or read to them. It keep kids quiet and engages their minds.

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