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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Advertising gifts are those gifts that you hand out to potential clients and to future clients to keep your company’s name on the tip of their tongue and in the forefront of their minds. Mugs and mouse mats and other functional items are great for this purpose, as there is a good chance that your advertising gifts will be used again and again by customers and your name will be exposed to them constantly as well as to anyone that they come into contact with.

Think carefully about these investments, though. Mugs can be replaced with gifts from other companies or from family members, pens can be lost or used up, and mouse pads can be replaced with one that more closely fits the personality of your customer. So how do you ensure that the advertising gifts that you choose to hand out stay in the hands of your customer and keep them coming back?

A great take on advertising gifts is the puzzle. Not just jigsaw, but any kind of puzzle that you can think of from coasters that can be pulled apart to wooden toys with your logo on one side. A puzzle or toy is something that your customer will turn to when he or she is thinking, manipulating the pieces and seeing your name and company logo on the face of the toy until that company information is burned into their memories. What a great way to make sure that your information stays right in front of them!

Advertising gifts can be handed out at trade shows and conferences, packaged with sample fulfillments, or handed out to anyone who walks through your office doors, regardless of whether they wind up doing business with you or not at that time. You should have plenty of them on hand, because everyone loves getting gifts, even advertising gifts.

Part of the appeal of advertising gifts is the fact that they are not necessarily expected. Everyone loves to get things for free, and when that free gift turns out to have a use or value of some sort, it is even better. Hand a man a stress ball with your company logo and see if he continues to play with it after you are gone. Chances are, he will use it daily as something to fiddle with as he words, reinforcing your company name on his subconscious.

Finding the right advertising gifts means having your name at the forefront of a client’s mind for days, weeks, or even longer. Your advertising gifts, when well chosen, can make a great difference in your business and help you to earn repeat business from those clients who see your name on that toy or mouse pad every day and remember your generosity and your wonderful business practices.

You will love the difference that a few well placed advertising gifts makes in your business, and you will find that they pay for themselves in terms of generating interest and clientele, perhaps even more so than a business card will do.

Gareth Parkin is the co-founder of Ideasbynet, the UK's leading online advertising gifts supplier based in the north of England. Established in 2001, he has taken the UK gift market by storm. For more details visit