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Free Online Sudoku Puzzles - Your Ultimate Brainteasers

Sudoku is a logical puzzle that is made into varying levels from beginners to black belts. The aim is to enter the numbers 1-9 into the grid of the puzzle. The grid consist of a 9x9 square and inside of the square are 9 3x3 squares.

The idea is to make the numbers match up in both the sub square as well as in the lines of the larger square. Clues are given so that there can be only one correct way for the player to fill in the puzzle.

If this sounds a little tricky, you are right. There is no easy way to explain Sudoku, as it is a very logical and puzzling game. Once the player has learned the game and the strategies used to solve the puzzle, it gets easier and easier.

History Of Sudoku

Modern day Sudoku puzzles were first created in 1979 in Indianapolis by a man named Howard Garns and gained popularity in Japan in the late 80s. Since then, the puzzles have become popular worldwide.

Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku Puzzles require strategy and solutions can be found by using three methods. These are called scanning, marking up and analyzing. Scanning is used at the beginning of the puzzle and through the whole process. It requires the player to use the process of elimination to find which numerals belong in each row and square.

Once no more numbers can be found through the process of elimination, the player then needs to use logic. The best way to use the logic process to your advantage is to write the logical answers beside the box, then, once all of the logical answers are written down, use the process of elimination to find out which numbers belong in which box.

By writing down possible answers, the process of elimination is far easier. Often, sudoku puzzles are very small. If this is the case, it is often a good idea to copy them onto a larger sheet to mark them up.

Analysis is the final approach to solving a Sudoku puzzle. This is the process of eliminating the numerals that were written in the mark up box, leaving only one solution to the square. While doing this, the player will need to keep scanning to make sure that the number in each box is correct. It is suggested that a sudoku puzzle be done with a pencil and eraser.

Sudoku has taken the world by storm quite simply because they are the ultimate brainteaser, providing a player hours of enjoyment while solving them. After the puzzle is completed correctly, there is nothing better then the sense of pride and achievement that is felt.

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