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Free Printable Sudoku Monster Puzzles

Sudoku has certainly taken the country by storm and it even reached the United Kingdom and some European countries from Japan. Tell-tale signs of the Sudoku craze in the United States can be found in the sheer number of sites that are being constructed everyday. They offer from free advice and tips in solving the puzzles to downloadable different kinds of puzzles. These pages can be viewed by just one click of the mouse.

Newspapers and other publications have subscribed to the craze that they are featuring it in their game pages. Books about the game are also coming out in bookstores not to mention those who are solely dedicated to the game.

For those who do not know Sudoku, it is a number game that calls for a player's patience and logical skills. The game can be complicated though it is quite simple at first glance. It is composed of a 9x9 grid with 9 columns, 9 rows and 9 squares with 9 small squares inside. Its objective is to fill up the squares with numbers 1-9 provided they will only appear once in the column, the row and in the bigger square. This simple rule makes the game ultra difficult and addicting as hell.

Each puzzle have some boxes already filled up with the correct answer although you would think that the lesser number of squares filled up the more difficult the game is. This thought of yours is wrong since some instances there are many number clues but the game is still categorized as difficult. It is because the placement of the number in the square affects its difficulty and not the number of clues that are given.

Players should remember one thing and that there is only one correct answer for each Sudoku puzzle. Therefore, make sure that every number that you put in the squares is the right one for it will depend upon the surrounding numbers. The following are simple instructions that will help you become Sudoku masters in no time:...CONTINUE

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