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Free Printable Sudoku Puzzle

Nowadays, you found people wrapped up in their own world, scribbling along with weird grids filled with numbers. You would see some doing it on their office monitors, on the train where commuters blissfully engrossed with devices, on the television where people fighting among themselves on how to solve the puzzle first.

The old adage "if you can't beat them, join them" makes good sense to you since you picked up your first Sudoku puzzle. You can't get enough and become one of the millions of individuals that have discovered the joys of Sudoku.

Enterprising businesses realized the lucrative commerce of Sudoku games and you can now enjoy it in various forms because of the mad demand for it. You can have the game handy for every occasion, age and proficiency level.

Board games

Sudoku need not to be an anti-social hobby since you can double, triple and even quadruple the fun through sharing it with family and friends. Gathering with family and friends will never be the same again with the Pressman Toy Sudoku board game. It is different and provides a unique game experience every time.

This board game comes with 100 double-sided game cards for 200 unique games. It comes with a wipe-off game board to play the puzzle on with 5 wipe-off markers and a cloth and also with a time for tick-tocking suspense filled games.


Sudoku for Dummies doesn't mean you have to be a dummy to enjoy this best-selling book. You won't be a dummy after going through this book since studies show that playing it is a good mental work out that increases memory, logic and prevents Alzheimer's. This book will provide countless hours of fun as you lose yourself in the world of this game right at the tip of your pencil if you are a first timer or aim to improve your performance on this mind...CONTINUE

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Written By Jed Baguio
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