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Free Puzzle Game

Arcade lines is an extremely addictive puzzle game using brilliant graphics, pulsating music and a great variety of different game modes. It is very easy to learn, but not so easy to master! You'll surely be playing it for hours. Also great for the kids, keeping them amused while developing strategic thinking. This is a must play game for every puzzle game fan!

Tips and tricks

Arcade Lines is played on a board that fills with multi-colored pieces as the game progresses. You have a very simple objective: Stop the board from filling up by forming rows of 5 or more pieces of the same color. The rows will disappear, leaving more space for new pieces. Only one piece may be moved with every turn, and only then if there is a clear path to its destination.

Sounds too easy? Build more lines in consecutive moves to get the combo bonus for a higher score. With every turn you may move only one piece, and only if there is a clear path to its destination. As space becomes scarce there are less useful moves to choose from, so the game gets gradually harder. Getting a high score by surviving as long as possible is a challenge for every Arcade Lines player.

Numerous special pieces add variety to the game, making it even more fun:

* Watch out! The fan will blow your game pieces away

* Dissolve the multiplier and get 3, 6, or even 9 times higher scores

* Repaint surrounding pieces the same color using the color bucket

* And there are many more

The graphics and the music is also good.

Final word

" A challenge that makes for hours of mind-bending puzzle fun "

Ishan Talathi is a free online games review writer. Arcade Lines mentioned above can be found in the free retro games category.