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Free Puzzle Hero Game Unlimited Play

I am a music teacher by trade. I have been teaching music in some way for about 15 years now. Up until recently, I had a little knowledge about Guitar Hero, but I never really paid attention to it.

In my neighborhood, many of my neighbors have X Box 360's. We get together and play different games from time to time. My one neighbor kept talking about Guitar Hero. I just kind of listened to him and figured I would check it out when he bought it.

He brought it home and invited me over to play it. It was really neat! As you probably know, it is a game controller that looks like a Guitar. It has 5 buttons on it and there are varying levels of difficulty in the game. The beginner level is not very challenging, but it gives you the idea about how to play the game. As you move up toward expert, LOOK OUT! It gets really involved.

I play bass guitar and many other musical instruments. It would follow reason that I would be good at this game, right? Well.....sort of! At first I would definitely say my abilities were advanced beyond that of my non musical neighbors. However, now that they have been practicing more, I can not keep up with them.

My one friend asked me if I thought Guitar Hero could help someone learn how to play guitar. I really think it could. You use many of the same muscles in your hands and arms and the eye hand coordination would definitely be helpful for someone learning to play guitar.

If you have never played this game or seen anyone play it, it is a must have for even the most passive video game player. My neighbors mom is in her 60's and even she has a good time playing it!

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