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A curve in the penis is an embarrassing problem for many men. However, is it natural and common? Are there cures? Keep reading to learn the truth.

One of the most common myths about having a curve in your penis is that masturbation is the cause of it. Masturbation can not cause your penis to curve in any way, in fact it is very natural and common for a man's penis to curve up, down, left, or right.

A curve should not be confused with a bend. A curve in a man's penis could be caused by a disproportion in the length of the two tubes inside the penis which hold blood under pressure during an erection. If you have a severe curve it could be considered a bend, and you may be part of the 1 percent of males that have Peyronie's Disease. Peyronie's Disease causes the shaft to bend sharply in one direction and is usually accompanied with pain upon erection and a firm, fibrous lump in the shaft of the penis. This condition is not cancerous or a sexually transmitted disease. The cause of this disease is not certain however it is thought to be caused by trauma inflicted on your genitals.

A curve can be embarrassing and sometimes hard to navigate, but it is nothing to worry about. If you think you may have peyronie's Disease you should have your doctor look at it. There are currently experimental treatments being researched that may lead to a cure of this disease. A qualified urologist can tell you more.

Additionally, there are a range of devices that don't require medical intervention that are much cheaper than surgery.

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