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Free Sudoku Puzzle

Your attention is how tightly you focus in on new information. If you are not able to focus intently - if your mind is wandering or you are "out of it" - you are not going to remember anything well.

So how can you quickly crank up your concentration and pay attention whenever you need to? Try the following easy tips:

Take deep breaths

Many people are shallow breathers and don't know it. To quickly improve your concentration, take several deep, slow breaths from your belly.

Stomach breathing activates the brainís Theta waves. Studies have shown these waves improves memory and attention. Deep breathing also increases the oxygen to your brain cells, which helps "wake them up".

Chew gum

According to recent research, the act of chewing gum significantly increases the flow of blood to your brain. These studies show that when chewing you are able to concentrate more intently and remember new information better. Chew sugar-free gum to avoid spiking your blood sugar.

Do arm circles
Go where no one can see you (for example, the bathroom) and do 10 sets of arm circles. To do an arm circle, simply extend your arm straight out, then swing your arm all the way around behind you and back to the front, keeping your elbow locked.

Do 10 arm circles on each side. This move only takes about 30 seconds but will increase your heart rate and the flow of blood to your brain.

Play brain games
Puzzles and brain teasers force your mind to get in concentration mode. My favorite brain games are the number puzzle Sudoku and any crossword puzzle.

Just about every grocery or pharmacy sells small, inexpensive puzzle books you can carry around with you. There are also lots of free brain game sites on the web.

Eat brain food

Meals heavy with carbs and sugar kill your concentration because they cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash. On the other hand, skipping meals will make you light-headed. What to do?

The best thing to do is eat a small, balanced meal every two to three hours. This helps keeps your blood sugar level. Include foods that help the brain, such as fish, vegetables, and whole grains. For snacks, eat high-protein foods such as peanut butter and healthy carbs such as whole-wheat crackers.

Drink water

Don't drink sodas or coffee. Don't eat candy bars. After just a few minutes, they cause you to crash and you will feel worse than before. Instead, get a liter bottle of water and drink the entire thing straight down.

Many people are dehydrated all the time and don't realize it. Your brain is very sensitive to this. Drink that bottle of water, and I guarantee you'll be more alert.

Try these concentration tips the next time your brain is feeling fuzzy. I guarantee youíll notice a difference!

Douglas Jobes has made it his mission to help others improve their memory. On his website Douglas provides free information and resources for anyone who wants to remember things better. Check out his website for more great memory improvement tips.